The Designers

Prêt à Partager is a community of designers with a strong heart for the quality, sensuality and craftmanship needed to build a stylish and durable wardrobe. Directed by designer Leon Klaassen Bos, P.A.P shows the colourful and surprising possibilities of Dutch design and craftmanship.

Head of Design Prêt à Partager

Leon Klaassen Bos

Sensual, chic and comfortable, that characterizes the signature style of Leon Klaassen Bos. In the quality of his designs for Prêt a Partager you can unmistakably see his couture background. ‘A good design looks effortless and luxurious at the same time.’

Meet Leon


Petra Krijger

During her career as an occupational therapist, Petra Krijger never let go of her greatest passion: making clothes. “In Leon’s studio I became acquainted with couture techniques as they apply in Paris.”

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Marek Kalianko

Marek is an Amsterdam based designer who uses textile as his medium. He puts his focus on the individual and makes them stand out from the crowd. With a unique sense for colours and patterns he uses and mixes materials that others have discarded. His creations challenge your concept of what is possible, acceptable and necessary.

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Roos van Put

The Mrs Rosehip designer bags have their own pleated signature. All bags are made with pleated leather, so you recognize them right away. The pleating is done by hand by selected craftsman and the bags are designed and made in The Netherlands.

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