Sustainability is good, durability is better!

Prêt à Partager means ready to share. That is the philosophy of P.A.P. Sharing knowledge is our motivation: whether it’s about the production process behind fashion or practical tips on building a sustainable capsule wardrobe, we see sharing as the new luxury! Prêt à Partager wants to make a positive contribution to the fashion revolution with high quality items you can enjoy for years. Items that you cherish and with which you build a relationship. This is P.A.P’s response to how we will dress in the future, but especially on how we handle our clothes. Wearing couture may be unattainable for many people, we make this luxury experience accessible for everyone.

A conscious wardrobe starts with choosing quality of design and craftsmanship

Besides the fact that our designs make you look irresistible, they also excel in comfort and are easy to wear. In other words: comfort couture! Imagine garments that feel like a warm embrace, with a perfect fit and subtle couture details. Items that make you look your best effortlessly, whatever the occasion – because constantly chasing trends is a thing of the past. From T-shirt to jacket, each piece is designed so that the fit complements your figure. And the design? It still stands after years. Our designers design with the future in mind: our articles are durable because of their high quality, craftsmanship and comfort. You feel, see and experience the attention to detail. 

Our future is vintage! Designing with an eye to the future

Under our own fashion label P.A.P Future Vintage we bring special items on the market in a numbered, limited edition. Famous couture houses often buy more fabric than they need for their fashion line. We rescue these beautiful, unused fabrics and turn them into our own designs. Garments that – as the name Future Vintage says already – have everything to become the sought-after vintage items of the future! Each item is handmade in the Netherlands and comes with a certificate. So you know exactly which design it is, who the designer is, but also the fabric name, year and serial number. The available materials determine the edition of each item and that ‘harvest’ is therefore different every time! 

P.A.P Academy: the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing

Cooperation and knowledge sharing are woven into the DNA of Prêt à Partager. Our P.A.P Academy was set up to scout, coach and offer a stage to talented designers. We embrace talents who are committed to innovation in the fashion world, from established names to up-and-coming talents. We guide these designers with master classes and training courses in couture techniques, personal development, marketing and sales. The unique items these talents create are offered an international podium on the online platform of Prêt à Partager.