P.A.P embraces talented creatives committed to innovation in the fashion world based on shared values. P.A.P Collective was established to provide a collective platform for these creative makers – from established names to emerging talent. Why look far when we have so much craftsmanship close by?

The mission of P.A.P is to make a positive contribution to the fashion revolution. We stand for garments whose design and material are so good that the item remains beautiful and becomes vintage later on. Future Vintage is our legacy!

Sustainability is good, durability is better!

P.A.P stands for Prêt à Partager, ready to share. That’s the philosophy of P.A.P. Sharing knowledge is our driving force: whether it’s about the manufacturing process behind fashion or practical tips on building a sustainable capsule wardrobe, we see sharing as the new luxury! P.A.P aims to make a positive contribution to the fashion revolution with high-quality items designed to be enjoyed for years to come. Items that you cherish and build a bond with. Thus, P.A.P anticipates how we will dress in the future. But more importantly, how we treat our clothing. While wearing couture may be unattainable for many, we make this luxury experience accessible.

A conscious wardrobe starts with choosing quality and craftsmanship.

Our designs not only make you look irresistible but also excel in comfort and ease. Comfort couture, indeed! Garments that feel like a warm embrace, with a perfect fit and subtle couture details. Items that effortlessly make you look your best, regardless of the occasion – because constantly changing outfits is no longer contemporary. From T-shirts to coats, each piece is designed to complement your figure. And the design? It still stands strong after years. Thus, our designers design with the future in mind: our articles have a sustainable character due to their high quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. You can feel, see, and experience the attention to the smallest detail.

P.A.P Collective is a community of designers with a strong sense of quality, sensuality, and craftsmanship that form the basis for a stylish and sustainable wardrobe. We despise waste; we challenge ourselves to always create with what we already have. P.A.P showcases the surprising and colorful possibilities of Dutch design and craftsmanship. Each designer has their own personal story and drive to dare to do things differently. All unique and together magnificent.


A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Recognizable? Opt for a wardrobe with fewer items. A balanced selection of timeless favorites, with endless combinations and an emotional connection. That’s the secret of a good capsule wardrobe. That’s what P.A.P stands for. Less is more. And never worry about outfits again.

On average, we wear only twenty percent of our wardrobe eighty percent of the time. So, we buy too many clothes. The turnover rate of clothing is also getting shorter: not only do we buy more, but we also discard clothes sooner, which is far from sustainable. The solution is simple: create a capsule wardrobe. A select number of items that you cherish and can create different combinations with each time. The perfect foundation

A capsule wardrobe is like the foundation of your closet. And with a solid foundation, you can build anything. From casual to chic: with a good foundation, you can go in any direction! Take the Little Black Dress or the white shirt. Dress it up or dress it down, with these ultimate classics, you can never go wrong. The power of such a timeless item is that you can create countless different looks with jewelry and accessories. But that’s not the only secret of a good capsule wardrobe. Important criteria are also that all items are comfortable, complement your figure, and are easy to combine. All-time favorites

So, opt for a thoughtful selection of quality products per season to build your capsule wardrobe. Timeless items that you cherish and with which you can always make a suitable combination, wherever you go. And it’s precisely that versatility that means you won’t tire of them quickly. High-quality garments have a long lifespan and can be passed on if you no longer wear them enough. Avoid impulse purchases and think carefully about what your new – Future Vintage – favorites should look like. That way, you’ll naturally become a discerning shopper with a closet full of beautiful options to choose from!

Joining P.A.P Collective

A unique platform for inspiration, collaboration, and knowledge sharing based on shared values.

To make clothing and accessories future vintage, expertise is indispensable, as is knowledge of entrepreneurship to market the product effectively. What makes our community unique is that all aspects of the profession are addressed in an inspiring way. The masterclasses and training sessions are led by experienced professionals who have made their mark in the industry. By encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration, we create a creative platform for developing innovative ideas and products. In this way, we contribute to the future of quality design.

With inspiring events, masterclasses, and training sessions on couture techniques, personal development, entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales, we assist the collective with sustainable entrepreneurship.

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